Pinterest is the next big thing, or already the big thing to be on... until next trendy social network? Not sure, but even big, some key features are missing.     

1. No Pinterest Analytics
Call it force of a habit, I need analytics datas! I need to know how many unique followers I have in total (because people can follow your account or only one or several boards). Also, what is the trend of my new followers? How many pins did I get lately? How many clicks on the images/links – this way I could know how much traffic I provide to websites I pin from?... See, I’m addicted to analytics datas!
Do know that you can use PinClout in order to get the Total number of Pins, Repins, Likes, Liked, Followers, Following, Comments, Boards and Community Boards. But it doesn't give you the trend, only total numbers, but's already something good.

2. A better search engine
I’m so used to search engines that allow me to search by Date, Relevance, Interest, Users near me… Why can’t I choose the way pins are displayed?
Also when I look for pins, I never see the photos I pinned, even if I’m logued or not. It scares me because other pinners might not find my pins. So how could my pins could be seen? Only if they’re re-pinned or if I promote them on my other social networks accounts? (Twitter, Facebook…). How the hell must we SEO our pins so we rank better?

3. No Multi-sign-in function
I have several Pinterest accounts, one private, one professional, and few others on my different interests. Because yeah, one account isn’t enough for me, I’m interested in lots of stuffs! It would be so simple for me to have a multi-sign in or multiple connection option that would ask me on which board from which account I’d like to pin this photo I like.

4. Rearrange pins within a board
When I pin about a topic in a board, I could need to pin in a certain order, chronologically for instance, like the albums/singles she released from 1996 to 2012 but what if I forgot to pin about that 2004 single? Well it’s displayed in the last position while I would have liked it to be where it’s supposed to be, but I just can’t yet. Since there is a button to rearrange boards, I suppose that it will come eventually for pins withing a board

5. Rich Tax Description Editor
There’s a space to insert a description of your pin but we cannot enrich it, no bold, no color, no link!  You may think: "Why would you need to insert a link there while you have links to the original photo?" Well, why wouldn’t I like to link to another source?

6. Schedule pins
I’d like to be able to pin when I want, immediately, few minutes/hours/days/weeks later, or in a specific time. Because it’s important to give the feeling to your followers that you’re always pinning. It’s pin or die, because if you don’t spin all the time they forget you, of course. But it's all like on all Social Networks.

7. Invite your Twitter followers to follow me on Pinterest
Today you can invite your Facebook friends to follow you on Pinterest, but not your Twitter followers. It happens that I have much more Twitter followers than Facebook friends so I’m eager to be able to do it!

8. Browse categories on the iPhone app and see the same pin lots of times
On the iPhone you’re supposed to go fast, not have lots of time to pin or browse but since it keeps showing me the same picture again and again, then I gave up the iPhone app for now.

9. Show number of Pinterest followers on my website
I’m proud of number of followers I have and would like to be able to display it on my website but the official Pinterest buttons don’t show how many followers I have, they just invite to follow me.

10. Costumize your own theme for my profile / boards
Of course I don’t want Pinterest to be the new Myspace, that is to say, a so ugly space where people could over optimize the html code of their profiles that I was just impossible to view them. I do agree that a website must have an design that can be recognized anywhere. On Twitter for instance you can costumize your own theme and I think it doesn’t corrupt their image, don’t you think?

All those 10 points said, I looove Pinterest!